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Rifugio Digitale

Rifugio Digitale, at Via della Fornace 41, is an exhibition space born from the foundations of an old anti-aircraft tunnel designed in 1943 as a place of defense during wartime. The "Rifugio della Fornace," once a point of repair from a tragic reality, is now "Rifugio Digitale," a place of rebirth, where technology meets art, creating a contemporary and innovative space where creativity can be explored through the current language of technology.

The redevelopment project, curated by the Archea Associati studio, can host digital realities of all kinds, always looking to the future and the new avant-garde.

The space is designed for constant change and always dynamic, equipped with a new and exciting speed that distinguishes it from a traditional exhibition space.

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In its spaces it is possible to hold events and performances concerning art, architecture, photography, literature, cinema and any other initiative related to the digital world.

Reproducing unprecedented visions, and more, through 16 screens arranged along the 33 meters of the tunnel.

The conception of a digital exhibit is an example of innovation and sustainability.

Innovation represents a specific character of Refuge, as it allows new forms of art to be experimented with and works to be presented in dynamic and unusual ways.

Second, sustainability represents another important point, as it allows for a reduction in the environmental impact associated with the transportation and storage of physical artworks.

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Education and research are also the foundational foundations underlying the conception and evolution of the project.

The work of the association provides a unique opportunity to inform and educate the public about the latest trends and research in the field of Digital Art and also by directing and supporting artists toward the creation of NFTs.

Through its activities, the digital gallery can contribute to developing greater awareness of digital issues and enriching the cultural debate nationally and internationally.

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With the creation of Digital Refuge in Florence, a place that was previously forgotten and now transformed into an exhibition environment in which the fusion of art and technology creates an immersive, surprising and interactive experience is returned to the local citizenry and our tourists, accessible to all for free.

A versatile 165-square-meter space dedicated to hosting and organizing exhibitions, as well as debates, lectures and simple dialogues aimed at a multiple audience eager to discover a place for cultural exchange and updating in the heart of Florence.

In its first year of activity, Rifugio Digitale hosted internationally renowned artists, including Fabrizio Plessi, Roberto Di Caro, Luca Locatelli, Charlotte Dumas, Franco Ionda, Matthieu Gafsou and Piero Percoco.

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The exhibited works, dynamic, static, physical and digital, established a unique dialogue with the tunnel each time, leading viewers on an engaging journey.

The singularity of the works merged into a narrative continuity generated by the succession of screens, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

This characteristic of the space, with its rhythmic succession of monitors, has prompted some artists to create works specifically for this environment, as in the case of Fabrizio Plessi's Oro, or of Tormento e Luce by Franco Ionda.


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Get a discount of up to 15% with a stay of at least 3 nights! Discounts vary depending on the period.
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